Specialized machine components: How Pattberg exceeds industry standards with special screws and bolts

In the world of mechanical engineering, details are crucial. Every component, from the smallest screw to the largest assembly, contributes to the smooth functioning of the whole. In this blog post, we highlight how Pattberg not only meets, but often exceeds, industry standards through specialized machine components such as special screws and bolts.

The importance of special parts in mechanical engineering

Special parts play an important role in mechanical engineering. Companies like Pattberg specialize in the production of parts such as eccentric bolts, locking screws and countersunk head cap screws. These components are crucial for the functionality and longevity of machines and systems. Thanks to their specific properties and dimensions, they perform crucial tasks that standardized parts cannot accomplish.

Special screws – small parts, big impact

Special screws are a prime example of Pattberg’s expertise. These custom-made screws, designed specifically for specific applications, are essential in areas where standard solutions do not fit. Pattberg manufactures a wide range of these specialty screws, including drop forgings and standard screws used in various industries.

Bolts – Connecting and versatile

In addition to special screws, bolts are another core product from Pattberg. Bolts are indispensable connecting elements in many machines and structures. They must meet the highest standards of strength and reliability. Pattberg offers a variety of options, from simple screws to specialized bolts designed for specific needs.

Technological progress and quality assurance

A key element of Pattberg’s success is the combination of technological advances and strict quality assurance. State-of-the-art production processes such as CNC milling and CNC turning make it possible to produce parts with the highest precision. This is particularly important in the production of custom parts such as deep-drawn parts, stamped parts and bent parts.

Surface treatment for durability

The longevity of machine components depends heavily on their surface treatment. Pattberg uses advanced processes such as zinc phosphating, hot-dip galvanizing and chromating to increase the durability and corrosion resistance of its products. These finishing processes ensure that the parts remain durable even under harsh operating conditions.

Adaptation to customer needs

A key factor in Pattberg’s success is its ability to flexibly adapt to customer needs. Whether there are specific requirements for thread rolling machines, eccentric presses or friction presses, Pattberg is able to offer tailor-made solutions. This flexibility is particularly important in the production of assemblies and assembly parts, where each component must fit perfectly.


Pattberg is synonymous with quality and innovation in the field of specialized mechanical components. Through the combination of tailor-made solutions, advanced technology and strict quality assurance, the company sets standards in the industry. Special screws and bolts are just two examples of how Pattberg advances mechanical engineering with precision and quality.