Quality assurance

Quality is our highest priority

In accordance with the quality agreements made with our partners, extensive material and dimensional checks are carried out. Exact documentation and archiving of test results together with product traceability complete our QA system.
Our efforts are aimed at the most comprehensive and rapid realization of TQM (Total Quality Management) for all PATTBERG divisions and PATTBERG employees. Our corporate policy principles and our quality policy principles stand for this.

The avoidance of errors (“0-error philosophy”) and the continuous improvement process of procedures, processes, products and services is an obligation for all PATTBERG employees.

Extensive geometry testing

State-of-the-art equipment in our quality lab allows us to perform extensive geometry testing to measure and document complex parts, surfaces, radii, angles, etc. with 2 μm accuracy.

Sample processing and metallography

Using microscopic techniques, we perform metallographic analyses of metals to determine, for example, the degree of purity, microstructure examinations and sample processing for hardness testing. Coating thickness measurements of coated components.

Core hardness/microhardness/hardness gradients

Depending on the requirements, all quenched and tempered components are subjected to a h
ardness test. Core / Surface / Micro hardness and hardness curves HRC / HV0.3 – HV30.