From design to reality: development and production processes at Pattberg

Transforming an idea into a tangible product is both an art and a science. Pattberg has perfected this process by using innovative design and production processes to produce high-quality mechanical components. In this blog post we look at the path from the first sketch to the finished product at Pattberg.

The beginning of the design process

Everything starts with an idea. At Pattberg, this idea is first carefully analyzed and implemented into concrete designs. This creative process involves the collaboration of engineers, designers and technicians who bring their expertise to develop innovative solutions to complex challenges.

Use of modern design software

Modern CAD software plays a crucial role in the design process. It makes it possible to create precise 3D models of the planned components such as turned parts, milled parts and forged parts. These models serve as a basis for further steps and help to identify and resolve potential problems at an early stage.

From simulation to production

Before actual production begins, extensive simulations are carried out. These simulations are crucial to test the functionality and durability of the components. Pattberg uses advanced simulation techniques to ensure each part meets specified requirements.

Innovative manufacturing processes

The most modern manufacturing technologies are used in the production phase. CNC milling and CNC turning are just some of the processes used at Pattberg to ensure high precision and quality. These technologies make it possible to produce complex components efficiently and with the highest precision.

Quality control in every step

During the entire production process, every step is carefully monitored. From the first selection of materials to the final touches, every component is subject to strict quality controls. This ensures that products such as eccentric presses, friction presses and thread rolling machines meet Pattberg’s high quality standards.

Adaptation to customer needs

An important aspect of Pattberg’s production processes is flexibility and adaptability to specific customer requirements. Tailor-made solutions, be it for standard or special screws, are a trademark of Pattberg. Each product is customized to meet the needs and requirements of customers.


The path from design to reality at Pattberg is a testament to innovation, precision and quality. By combining advanced design, modern manufacturing techniques and strict quality control, Pattberg ensures that each product is not only functional but also of the highest quality. This process is at the heart of Pattberg’s success in mechanical engineering.